MBA in Data Science and Analytics


MBA in Data Science and Analytics

About this course

Have you ever thought about improving the analytical and decision-making processes in organizational environments? Be aligned with the job market with the MBA in Data Science and Analytics USP/Esalq, an online course with exclusive tools for continuous interaction between professors and students.

Requirements: for admission to the courses of the USP/Esalq MBAs the candidate must have a higher education degree. It is not necessary to be graduated or act in the area of Data Science or Information Technology.

Be relevant

The recognition and relevance you need for a successful career depend on the constant update, on the knowledge of the main trends and on the understanding of how the foundations and concepts of Data Science are related to practical applications, strategies, business models and technologies.

Develop skills

The market demands professionals with more than technical knowledge. Therefore, the MBA in Data Science and Analytics USP/Esalq goes beyond, seeking to develop skills and abilities related to communication, critical sense, analytical and interpretative capacity, programming and implementation of machine learning codes, problem solving, systemic and strategic vision, among others.

At the end of the course, the professional can:

  • Understand the different structures of databases, types of variables and their measurement scales
  • Cross knowledge from data engineering, analytics and machine learning
  • Develop skills for data manipulation, data wrangling and data visualization
  • Understand the reasons for the estimation of each of the models of machine learning
  • Build algorithms for model development and implementation of machine learning techniques unsupervised, supervised and ensemble
  • Develop web crawlers and implement webscraping and deep learning algorithms
  • Understand and use data for geospatial analytics
  • Develop business intelligence and data visualization projects as well as build dashboards
  • Implement operational research techniques from optimization and simulation models
  • Present a critical and strategic vision on information technology projects, artificial intelligence, big data and data mining
  • Establish analytics strategies for decision models and risk management
  • Discuss cloud computing and cyber security
  • Discuss the LGPD (Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law)

To whom this course is intended:
Professionals active in several areas, who need or wish to acquire knowledge in data modeling, programming, technology and strategic decision-making from the various strands of Data Science.

Course description

More Info

Weekly live classes on Tuesdays
The classes are then recorded and can be watched at any time

Leveling classes: The MBA in Data Science and Analytics USP/Esalq has leveling classes, recorded, and made available one month before the opening of the course. They are free and optional. Therefore, they are not mandatory and do not have tests. Keep an eye on the Academic System after the approval of your documentation.
360 hours + 40 hours for final paper preparation

The student attendance is not counted by live classes but by the performance in the tests. The students are not affected if they cannot attend the live classes.

18 months* + final paper presentation (July/2023).

*The schedule can be extended within up to 3 months due to national holidays and recesses.

Enrollment fee US$ 20.00 + 18 installment of US$112.00
University of São Paulo (USP)

Graduate Degree Template

Every test taken during the course and the final tests are online.

Tests are made available in the Student Area and remain available for 21 days (except the final tests that will have their deadline released by the coordination near the time of their execution) and the student can access them via the Dashboard, in the orange box “Tests”. Within this 21-day deadline, the student will have the opportunity to make one attempt and then have 2 other recovery opportunities, in case the student is not able to get a good grade or a specific problem occurs in the first attempt. The highest grade obtained will be the one considered in the statement of grades. The start and end of the deadline of the tests are based on the Brasilia official time, BRT, so be careful if you live in a different time zone. The test is released within 48 hours of the live class. If the test is not made available on the day it was supposed to be, Pecege will send a statement via the system to all the students.
*Place may change

In the Distance Education modality, the course is completely online and the student can choose between presenting the Final Paper in person (in Piracicaba/São Paulo) or online, via video conference.

The Final Paper stage is a mandatory requirement for the conclusion of the specialization courses at the MBA level offered by the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz (Esalq) from the University of São Paulo (USP).

Marcos R. Luppe
Marcos R. Luppe
Luiz Paulo Fávero
Luiz Paulo Fávero
Adriana Silva
Adriana Silva
Rafael de Freitas
Rafael de Freitas
Wilson Tarantim
Wilson Tarantim
Fabiano Castello
Fabiano Castello
Fabiano Guasti Lima
Fabiano Guasti Lima
Marcos Santos
Marcos Santos
Ildeberto Rodello
Ildeberto Rodello
Jeronymo Marcondes
Jeronymo Marcondes
USP Certification

The MBA USP/Esalq are certified by the University of São Paulo (USP), the best university in Latin America.

Online and face-to-face courses

USP Lato sensu specialization courses are offered in the distance education (online classes) and face-to-face modalities.

Applied Teaching Methodology

The focus is to enable the student to apply the acquired knowledge to solutions in their daily professional routine

USP Library

All the students have access to the USP libraries;


MBA USP/Esalq students have access to an exclusive social network where they can access exclusive content, job opportunities and relevant information for networking.

SIM Event

The great MBA USP/Esalq meeting occurs once a semester in Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, where the students present their monographs, watch lectures on career orientation, entrepreneurship, and get to know the USP/Esalq campus.

Inaugural lecture

A special presentation of the MBA USP/Esalq experience with renowned guests.
*Online class

My Library

“My Library” offers 7,526 titles available online.


Live and interactive classes

The virtual learning environment allows the student to attend the classes and, at the same time, interact with the teacher, the mediator and other students via chat.


All content is recorded in the virtual learning environment, allowing the student to watch the classes at the time they want and as many times as necessary.

Câmera Pecege

Entertainment and information program aired between classes. 

In the Distance Education modality, the course is completely online and the student can choose between presenting the Final Paper in person (in Piracicaba/São Paulo) or online, via video conference.

General instructions for preparation and completion of monograph

General instructions for preparation of a cash flow


International Experience

MBA USP/Esalq students that are interested in complementing their knowledge with international experiences have a 70% discount to attend the teaching programs offered by the International Business School (IBS Americas) – Pecege partnership.

The Applied Data Science for Business program, developed by Pearson College London, is the course offered to students of the MBA in Data Science and Analytics.

Pearson College London is one of the most modern and renowned educational institutions in the UK. It is part of the Pearson group, which is one of the largest education companies in the world, with its shares listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its teaching staff is an international reference in various areas of knowledge such as Innovation, Accounting, Law, and Marketing.

The university receives Brazilian students in their programs annually, offering international education focused on the reality of the Brazilian professional.

Who can sign up

The program is intended for professionals who have completed the MBA USP/Esalq. This is an opportunity to have a huge differentiator in your career.

Where will the classes be held

The course is offered in London (England), including full-time classes and activities, allowing the student to get closer to the reality of global models in the areas of knowledge of each program.

Please consult our exclusive agent for more information:
João Guerreiro –

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